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Humans are irresistibly fascinating creatures. From my many experiences at different clients in various regions and with very diverse cultures, my passion for people & how they work together has grown constantly. In 2016 I decided to get a certification as a professional coach to get better insight into ‘the human mind’ and be able to help others to grow as a person and as a professional. Allow me to walk with you on your exhilarating learning path! Oh, and I also work with the “loopbaancheques” from VDAB.


business coaching, management coaching, personal coaching, career coaching,

team coaching



profit companies, small enterprises (KMO), non-profit organisations, managers, professionals, individuals, teams



personal development, career, leadership, skill development, growth, authenticity, team development, team management, change, transformation



Why keep all my knowledge and expertise to myself? From my “backpack” of experiences as a consultant and as a manager, I developed a clear view on organizational structures, processes & behavior. Especially leadership is my favorite domain. How to get your team motivated? How to engage & involve people? What about getting out clear messages & information? How to get that change successfully implemented? I’m happy to share my thoughts, tools and knowledge in tailor-made training and workshops.


onsite / offsite training, workshop, knowledge sharing session



profit companies, small enterprises (KMO), non-profit organisations



leadership, communication, coaching, self management (mbti, insights discovery), change management, culture transformation, team dynamics (Lencioni)

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